The 3 Most Innovative Concrete Overlays for Residential Use in Neenah

The 3 Most Innovative Concrete Overlays for Residential Use in Neenah

In recent years, concrete overlays have gone through tremendous changes. Not only are products better, but you also have more options for color, texture, patterns, and aggregates. If you want to transform the appearance of one or more rooms in your Neenah home, three overlays stand out as the best.

Concrete overlays are the newest generation of decorative innovations, used to make old concrete appear fresh. Because of improvements in polymer development, the overlays that experts use today bond stronger and, therefore, last longer. Whether choosing a single overlay or more than one as part of an overall design, you can expect an incredible outcome.

Epoxy –Epoxy concrete overlays are perfect to restore any stable concrete surface. This overlay is ideal for both indoor and outdoor horizontal surfaces, including driveways, pool decks, patios, walkways, foyers, and interior flooring, as well as vertical applications. Epoxy is a non-hazardous and safe option available in a host of stunning colors to allow customization.

Stain – Thin stained concrete overlays are also exceptional. With this, the overlay is a cementitious polymer that an installer can be applied in various thicknesses, although one-quarter of an inch is most common. Stain also comes in a broad range of colors and works well both indoors and outdoors. For strength and long wear, this decorative concrete topping is hard to beat.

Stamped – Stamped concrete overlays are perhaps the most innovative and versatile. With this, an expert can create a surface for Neenah homeowners that looks like different natural materials, including river rock, cobblestone, wood, brick, flagstone, slate, and more. No matter the style of the home or the décor, the results are stunning.

For optimal results, you should have an expert apply the concrete overlays; that way, you will end up with the exact aesthetic that you want, making your Neenah home even more beautiful.