Concrete Driveways in Greenville: Tips for Pouring During Cooler Weather

Concrete Driveways in Greenville: Tips for Pouring During Cooler Weather

Pouring concrete driveways in Greenville, Wisconsin, during cooler weather is often challenging. While some people are brave enough to tackle this type of project on their own, you should seriously consider hiring a professional. This way, your driveway will be smooth, and you will have a guarantee after the fact should something go wrong.

A contractor who pours concrete driveways in Greenville in cooler weather follows a very specific process. Cold weather installation precautions are required when specific temperature conditions exist for three days or more: The average outside temperature is less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the current temperature does not exceed 50 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 50 percent of any given 24-hour period.

The contractor takes the appropriate steps to protect the concrete. After all, the concrete must be strong enough to remove the forms. It is also important for the concrete to set strong on its own without using excessive heat. The goal is to ensure that curing conditions are perfect, eliminating the risk of cracking.

Any heated enclosure should be weatherproof and windproof. If a combustion heater is used, venting to the outside is done to prevent a carbon monoxide buildup. An expert knows the exact time to pour concrete driveways in Greenville by devising a plan that coordinates with the weather forecast. If the ground freezes, or snow and/or ice were to develop, the concrete cannot be poured.

Concrete needs the right amount of air-entrained voids to resist freeze and thaw effects. To reduce the risk of bleeding and decrease the amount of time for setting, concrete in cooler weather should have a low slump and a minimal water-to-cement ratio. Sometimes, a concrete curing blanket is used to prevent freezing and maintain the optimal concrete temperature.

Pouring concrete driveways in Greenville requires extensive knowledge and experience. By entrusting this type of job to a licensed professional, your driveway will look gorgeous, be fully functional, and provide years of service