Concrete Fireplaces in Greenville that Replicate Old World Charm

Concrete Fireplaces in Greenville that Replicate Old World Charm


Concrete FireplacesThe phrase “old world charm” is tossed about freely when it comes to design, yet some people are not sure what it means. Old world charm is a feeling of charm surrounding African, Asia, and European continents. It is deeply entrenched in old history and tradition in these places. Through colonization, each continent has a very distinct culture that makes it special.

This concept can be incorporated into multiple design aesthetics. As a prime example, some fireplaces in Greenville, Wisconsin, are constructed with decorative concrete to create a charming aesthetic that so many people have fallen in love with. These fireplaces are unique, warm, inviting, and almost familiar.

A licensed contractor can use concrete to update an existing fireplace or create an entirely new one. Whether building a small fireplace, one that stretches from the floor to ceiling, or just the surrounds, concrete is the perfect material. In addition to being strong, durable, and long-lasting, concrete can be stained, stenciled, and stamped to create a personal masterpiece with old world charm.

As a prime example, stenciled concrete fireplaces in Greenville are stunning. You can select from a wide range of patterns, including octagonal tile, irregular, random squares, bricks, and what appears to be natural stone. You even have a say as to the size of the finished decorative concrete. While a real stone fireplace is gorgeous, it is also extremely heavy and difficult to create. Using stenciled concrete, a fireplace will look as if it was made with real stone.

Stained concrete is another way to bring old world charm into the home. What makes stained concrete so great is that fireplace looks unique. Even when the same colors are used, no two are identical. The reason is that with acid staining, the stain permeates the concrete, infuses with it, and then creates a chemical reaction. As a result, the design aesthetic is distinct based on the minerals in the concrete.

Fireplaces in Greenville that offer old world charm can have completely different designs. Typically, a sense of history and culture is seen with fireplaces that are more traditional, but it can be incorporated into contemporary fireplaces. After all, old world charm is not a design but an aura, a distinct connecting with the old world. Therefore, if you prefer a contemporary fireplace but still want the feel of old world charm, concrete is the perfect solution.