Creating a Cohesive Look with Concrete Steps

Creating a Cohesive Look with Concrete Steps

An increasing number of homeowners are choosing decorative concrete for indoor and outdoor applications. In addition to being downright beautiful, walls, floors, countertops, and other vertical and horizontal surfaces are stronger, more durable, and longer lasting when designed with concrete. For a raised patio, pool area, or outdoor kitchen, it is just as important to have the steps made with concrete, which creates a beautiful and cohesive look.

The great thing about concrete steps is that you have so many amazing design options. For starters, you can have the professionals with McHugh’s Decorative Concrete create a look that is identical to the flooring surface. However, for something a little more interesting and unique, they can use a completely different type of decorative concrete.

Concrete steps can also be the same color as the main floor surface or a different color so they pop. In addition to aesthetics, colored concrete steps are more visible and, thereby, safer. Whether you install some type of lighting around the concrete steps or have lights built into the steps themselves, the goal is to have a cohesive look that also has personality and character.

Keep in mind that if you choose stenciled concrete, both the flooring and concrete steps can be made to look like natural stone or pavers. Of course, you can always have the flooring surface stenciled and then make a statement by having the steps created using aggregate. This would also make the surface nonslip, which would be ideal for steps around the pool or spa area.

By hiring the professionals with McHugh’s Decorative Concrete, virtually any look you want for your concrete steps can be achieved. With years of industry experience and outstanding expertise, even more challenging step projects come out perfect. Overall, your outdoor living area will look beautiful and sophisticated.