Decorative Concrete Staining: The Perfect Choice for an Up-and-Coming Restaurant

Decorative Concrete Staining: The Perfect Choice for an Up-and-Coming Restaurant

After many months of planning your up-and-coming restaurant, you now need to choose the right flooring system. Considering the fierce competition and the fact that people like new and exciting things, you want to make the right choice. For a look that wows your customers and encourages them to return, consider decorative concrete staining.

For staining, you have two options, a water-based or an acid-based product. While you might think the two are similar, they are in fact quite different. However, no matter which direction you take, you will end up with gorgeous floors that enhance the customer experience.

With a water-based stain, you select the color or colors you want. When applied to the concrete floor, they change the appearance of the surface. Depending on the brand, sometimes the floors look opaque and other times, translucent. In addition to various textures and patterns, you can choose from a broad range of colors. In fact, compared to an acid-based stain, a water-based product has an almost endless array of colors.

As for acid-based staining, it penetrates the porous concrete. At that time, the stain reacts to specific chemicals. Because of that, the finished project has a variegated effect. One color looks stunning but when you have more than one color applied, the result is a one-of-a-kind design that no one can replicate. That is one reason to consider an acid-based product. Acid staining also produces a transparent surface with incredible shine.

Whether you choose water-based or acid-based staining, the new floors will leave an impression. Keep in mind that for both options, it is essential to have a sealer applied, which creates a second layer of protection. With beautiful floors, a diverse menu, and excellent service, you can expect incredible success for your new restaurant.