Epoxy Industrial Coatings: The Perfect Choice for Businesses in the Greater Fox Valley of Wisconsin

Epoxy Industrial Coatings: The Perfect Choice for Businesses in the Greater Fox Valley of Wisconsin

Throughout the Greater Fox Valley of Wisconsin, a significant number of warehouses, factories, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and other similar commercial businesses choose epoxy industrial coatings over other flooring systems. This is because this particular material has benefits not provided by other solutions.


Thanks to advances in epoxy formulas, this coating offers unparalleled strength, durability, and long-lasting service. Even in the harshest work environment, epoxy can withstand a tremendous amount of daily abuse from foot traffic, vehicle traffic, and more.


Epoxy industrial coatings are resistant to a host of things, including impacts, chemicals, stains, abrasions, high and low temperatures, and moisture. This flooring solution provides years of service without experiencing damage. Not only does the floor look great, it wears extremely well.


Another reason for the growing popularity of epoxy industrial coatings is that an expert can apply this material to a broad range of substrates. Although commonly used on concrete, epoxy works just as well on carbon steel, aluminum, polyester, fiberglass, galvanized steel, ceramics, zinc, and copper, whether horizontal or vertical. In other words, this coating will enhance virtually any industrial environment.


Something else to consider is that epoxy industrial coatings are aesthetically pleasing. While most people never think twice about improving the appearance of floors in these environments, doing so helps boost employee morale and, therefore, production.


With epoxy, a professional can add color and even metallic flakes to create a unique appearance. However, it is also possible to change the surface of this coating with textures and patterns. Epoxy has a nonslip surface, but by texturing these industrial coatings or adding small aggregates, the floor becomes even more slip resistant. As a result, the risk of someone slipping and sustaining an injury decreases substantially.


Although there are several good options for industrial coatings, it is hard to beat what epoxy offers. For that reason, businesses in the Greater Fox Valley of Wisconsin consider this flooring solution a top choice.