Why General Contractors in the Greater Fox Valley of Wisconsin Recommend Decorative Concrete Solutions

Why General Contractors in the Greater Fox Valley of Wisconsin Recommend Decorative Concrete Solutions

If you were to ask general contractors serving the greater Fox Valley of Wisconsin, the majority would state that they recommend decorative concrete solutions to their customers. Whether for new construction or updating an existing business, the sky is the limit.

The right concrete system will look gorgeous, wear well, and last a long time. When it comes to decorative concrete solutions, business owners have incredible options. These include stamped concrete or overlays, polished concrete, stenciled concrete, engraved concrete, polymer cement overlays, epoxy and polyaspartic coatings, concrete dyes, and water- and acid-based stains.

Even more exciting, each of these decorative concrete solutions boasts beautiful color choices. In fact, the contractor can create unique textures and patterns and, if preferred, include aggregates and metallic flakes in the formula. As a result, you can create virtually any aesthetic that you want, making your business more appealing to prospects and current customers.

Contractors seal the surface using a high-quality product. The reason is that the sealer creates a second layer of protection against moisture, stains, grease or oil, chemicals, impacts, and more. Ultimately, the sealer enhances the appearance and extends the life of the concrete surface.

There are additional reasons why general contractors in the greater Fox Valley of Wisconsin suggest that customers use decorative concrete solutions. Depending on the application, the contractor can add aggregates or other substances to the product, making it more slip-resistant. For commercial kitchens, areas behind a bar, and even pool decks, this dramatically reduces the risk of injury from falling or slipping.

Decorative concrete solutions are also a better option when dealing with a damaged surface. Instead of ripping the entire surface out and installing a new one, an overlay is applied to the existing concrete. Although it is important to have larger imperfections repaired first, the overlay incorporates smaller cracks and pits into the overall aesthetic.