Give New Life to Your Wisconsin Restaurant with Stained Concrete Floors

Give New Life to Your Wisconsin Restaurant with Stained Concrete Floors

Have you finally reached the point that you feel embarrassed when walking into your Wisconsin restaurant due to floors that look old and worn? If it bothers you, there is an excellent chance your customers notice, as well. Instead of trying to pretend no problem exists, this is the perfect time to make a change. Although you have different options, stained concrete floors are ideal.

Professional installers agree that stained concrete floors are among the most versatile flooring options available today. With such a broad range of colors, textures, and patterns, you can achieve whatever look you want. Whether your Wisconsin restaurant offers fine dining or is a casual family establishment, you will have no problem creating a look that matches perfectly.

If wanted, a professional installer can use various techniques to make the floors in your restaurant look like marble, leather, and a host of other materials. However, if you opt for an acid-based stain product, once it penetrates the surface and reacts with chemicals in the concrete, a variegated look develops naturally. Either way, you will end up with a one-of-a-kind flooring solution that no other restaurant can replicate.

While acid-stained concrete floors are somewhat limited as far as color options, you can always go with a water-based stain. Although this type of stain only colors the surface, as opposed to changing the color of the concrete permanently, as is the case with an acid-based stain, the results are still beautiful. With both options, the lighting in your Wisconsin restaurant will reflect off the translucent surface to create the right ambiance.

Stained concrete floors are not just beautiful to look at but also durable, resistant, and long lasting. Especially in a restaurant environment, you never have to worry about the damage caused by a dropped glass or plate, spilled wine, muddy footprints, and so on. With sweeping and damp mopping, you can keep your new restaurant floors in pristine condition. Instead of feeling embarrassed, you will have an incredible sense of pride in the appearance of your business.