Incredible Options for Enhancing a Pool Deck in Neenah

Incredible Options for Enhancing a Pool Deck in Neenah

As the owner of a home in Neenah with a swimming pool, you want the entire area to look beautiful while being functional. If your pool deck is old, there is a good chance that it has seen better days. Initially, you may think that your only viable option is to have it ripped out. However, instead of going through the hassle, you should first consider decorative overlays.


Not only is the process of ripping out an old deck long, it results in a huge mess. During the time that the contractor performs the work, no one would have access to the pool. A much better option is having a professional apply an overlay so the pool deck looks brand new.


When choosing an overlay for your Neenah pool deck, you have incredible options. You can select from stamped and stained concrete, as well as epoxy. Although each of these options comes with benefits, stamped concrete is one of the most popular choices for a pool deck. In addition to multiple colors, a professional installer can create various textures and patterns. If you choose a textured surface, there is less risk of someone falling and sustaining an injury.


As an example, with stamped concrete, you can have your pool deck transformed so that it looks like real river rock, cobblestones, slate, flagstone, tile, brick, or even wood. If you want your pool area to look and feel refined and sophisticated, you can go with slate or flagstone. If you want a more rustic or homey aesthetic, consider rock or brick.


An epoxy coating is also an excellent solution for the pool deck at your Neenah home. You can choose from multiple colors, textures, patterns, and aggregates, creating a unique aesthetic for your swimming pool area.


Regardless, it is important for the installer to seal the pool deck with a quality product. That way, the deck has optimal protection against dirt, debris, spilled food and drinks, and even moisture and chemicals notorious for causing damage around swimming pools.