Reasons That Concrete Walkways Are so Popular

Reasons That Concrete Walkways Are so Popular

Just about everywhere you turn today, decorative concrete is part of homes and businesses. Commonly used for driveways, patios, outdoor kitchens, pool decking, indoor flooring, walls, countertops, fireplace surrounds, and more, concrete has become the number one preferred material by builders, as well as home and business owners. However, concrete walkways are also popular, and for good reason.

For one thing, concrete walkways can be designed and installed according to your exact specifications. If you want something that mimics pavers or stone, you can have the walkways made of stenciled concrete. However, if you want natural stone, slate, marble, flagstone, brick, or even wood replicated, then stamped concrete walkways would be the perfect choice.

Concrete walkways can also be colored. Whether in the form of colored acid stain, hardener, or sealer, you have incredible options for coloring your walkway. If you want something rustic and warm, you might consider a deep copper or amber color. If you prefer something that would complement living close to the beach, you could choose a light blue, off-white, or aqua color. The experts with McHugh’s Decorative Concrete can also customize your concrete walkways by mixing different designs and colors.

Beyond the visual appeal that decorative concrete walkways offer, they are extremely durable. When properly sealed, concrete can withstand all types of outdoor elements without experiencing fading, chipping, peeling, or other damage. In addition to this, concrete walkways are highly resistant to mold, mildew, and other allergens. Overall, concrete is an excellent material for various outdoor projects.

Another benefit of choosing concrete walkways is that they require very little maintenance. When the experts at McHugh’s Decorative Concrete seal the surface, all you need to worry about is an occasional sweeping and washing the surface off with a garden hose as needed. Other than that, your new concrete walkways will remain gorgeous while providing you with many years of enjoyment.