Epoxy Floors and Garage Coatings

Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Floors are a great options when it comes to your Garage, Shop, Restaurant, or Office.  Basically any space that needs to stand up to high traffic and be chemical or oil resistant epoxies are a great choice.  McHugh’s Decorative Concrete installs many types of epoxy floor coatings for your needs. 

Epoxy has become a general term used for many different installations, and can be very difficult when you are choosing a company to install your floor. As you look around make sure that you are comparing similar products and installation practices, before you even start to look at the price. Yes, epoxy that is sold at a box store is not the same product as a commercial epoxy, if your floor is installed properly it will last 20+ years.

The most common epoxy system installed for a residential or light commercial floor is an epoxy flake floor. To help you better understand how McHugh’s Decorative Concrete installs epoxies this is the general install of the Epoxy Flake Floor.

Products Most floors installed are 100% solids epoxy non breathable, if there are moisture problems a breathable water soluble system is can be used.

Prep  GRIND or Shot blast the concrete. This needs to be done, and is the major reason there is failure in epoxy floors.  Simply pressure washing or doing an acid wash is not enough and the floor will not be able to hold up to Wisconsin climate change.  Grinding or Shot blasting the concrete is done with large vacuums that catch the majority of the dust.  The entire process is done dry, no water involved at any time.

Repairs If you have light scaling or hairline cracks they can be repaired, majority of the time the existing cut lines are filled in to make it a seamless floor.  All patching and repairs are done with a structural epoxy.  If you choose to leave your existing cut lines, we recommend caulking when complete to eliminate water from entering below the concrete.

Primer Coat Depending on the floor being installed it may require a primer coat.

Base Coat In the finished Epoxy Flake Floor very little of the base coat is seen, the epoxy can be tinted to any custom color just like paint, but is often just tan or gray.

Flake Broadcast After the base coat is installed and still wet, the decorative chips or flakes are broadcasted 100% covering the floor.  The flakes are only decorative and do not affect the function of the floor.  There are unlimited colors and combinations possible to achieve the look you want.

Clear Coat After the base coat is dry all of the left over flakes are vacuumed, and the floors is ready for the clear coat.  Clear epoxy can be used, but we don’t recommend it because epoxy is not UV stable or chemical resistant to oils.  So your floor will yellow with time, and if you don’t clean up spills right away it will stain.  We recommend going with a urethane clear coat they are 100% UV stable and chemical resistant.  If your car dripped oil you could wipe it up months later and never know it was there. Other clear coat options including polyaspartics are available.

Skid Resistance Skid resistance can be added into the clear coat, we generally use a fine quartz sand.

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At McHugh’s Decorative Concrete we install many different epoxy systems and products. Depending on your needs we will help you pick out the best option for you. Floor systems include Solid Color Epoxy Painted floor, Epoxy flake floors, Quartz floors, Ceramic Carpet, Color Mica, & more options for heavy duty commercial applications. Give McHugh’s Decorative Concrete a call with your flooring needs. Serving the Greater Fox Valley for residential floors Appleton, Neenah, Menasha, Greenville, Kimberly, Kaukauna, Darboy, Hortonville, Wrightstown, Oshkosh, Green Bay, Door County, and the entire NE Wisconsin for commercial floors.