Install an Epoxy Garage Floor and Be the Envy of Your Pals

Epoxy FloorsDo you actually park your car in your garage? Or does it serve as your man-cave, complete with wet bar and pool table, where you and your buddies love to hang out on Friday nights and weekends?

Whatever way you use your garage, an epoxy floor can be a great enhancement. Keep in mind, though, that we’re talking about a professionally installed floor, not the do-it-yourself kind that isn’t really anything more than paint. When you have a professional-grade epoxy floor installed, the coating doesn’t just sit on top – it actually bonds with the concrete for a beautiful, tough surface that can last for many years. No other product will perform better on your garage floor.

Even if your garage floor is pitted, cracked, stained, or soaked in motor oil, a professionally installed epoxy floor will have it looking like a million bucks. The process actually begins with an intensive cleaning – your contractor will use special compounds and grinding equipment to remove all traces of dirt and fluids and to even out the surface of the concrete. This is the type of preparation that you will never be able to do yourself, and why consumer epoxy floor finishes will never give you results that you’ll be happy with for any length of time.

Once the floor is restored to “like new” condition, the epoxy coating is applied. Again, the commercial product will give you results that aren’t possible with the type of epoxy coating you might buy at a retail outlet, because commercial epoxy compounds bond hard, directly into the concrete, instead of just sitting atop the surface.

An additional advantage, we admit, is purely cosmetic. The products that are available to your contractor come in a range of colors and tints that just aren’t available in the consumer products. Sure, it’s vanity – you want your pals to look at your new garage floor and go “Oh, wow, Bob, that looks AWESOME! This is, like, the best floor in all of Greenville! Dude, I am going to LIVE here!”

Your epoxy floor will be beautiful, easy to clean, and durable. Most contractors offer at least a seven-year warranty.

Now, why stop with just the garage? Now that you’ve got the ultimate man-cave, or even just a really attractive place to park your car, think about the other possibilities for epoxy flooring – laundry rooms, rec rooms, bathrooms… you get the idea!