Outdoor Living Spaces

Whether you live in Appleton, Greenville, Neenah, or Menasha, Wisconsin you probably enjoy the outdoors and all the great weather that can be had.  Newer model homes are often appointed with some sort of outdoor living space, but if your home doesn’t have one McHugh construction can fix that!

Whether it is a simple covered sitting area or a more complete outdoor living space with fireplace, eating area and pergola the first step in designing your outdoor living space is the foundation or patio slab.

While natural stone is a popular option it is becoming more popular to chose a stamped concrete surface on which to plan and design the rest of the space.

Here are some options and ideas when planning your outdoor living space.

Choose a size that will allow for ample sitting and eating space.

While a small compact area is fine, once your friends and neighbors discover your new patio you would be surprised how fast the space gets taken up.  A larger patio also allows for some planters and design aspects to be incorporated.

Select a stamp pattern and color that will last.

When we say’ last’ we mean last through the ages and trends.  Choosing a pattern or style that is specific to certain furniture or layout might be restrictive down the road should you choose the change your decor.  Choose a classic pattern and color that goes with many other styles.  A popular pattern choice would be slate, random stone or flagstone.  This can be complimented with an acid stain coloration and highlight colors to achieve a natural look and feel when done.

Plan ahead for accessories.

We all know that once concrete has dried it is very hard and difficult to change.  This is why it is important to plan out the outdoor living space prior to pouring the concrete.  Think of things like electrical conduit for speakers, lights and electricity.  Also consider irrigation lines for drip systems and plant watering.  One other thing to consider is drainage, if you have a large enough patio it may be necessary to add a drainage line or center drain to help rid the water after washing or a good downpour.

McHugh construction has been designing and installing outdoor living spaces for years.  As a family owned business we take pride in everything that we do knowing it is our name at stake.  Let our experience guide you through the various phases of planning, design and installation so you can sit back and enjoy your outdoor space for years to come.