Sitting Walls

Sitting Walls

Concrete Seat Walls for Your Home Will Make You the Envy of the Neighborhood

Concrete seat walls can make you the envy of just about any neighborhood, from Appleton to Little Chute to Neenah and beyond! They’re economical to construct and enhance any outdoor room or garden space.

How Do Concrete Seat Walls Enhance My Outdoor Living Space?

If you think of your outdoor space as a series of rooms, you can use seat walls to divide the various spaces. The possibilities are virtually limitless. You could use seat walls to make a planter, or to surround a fountain or pond, or around a fire pit. Properly placed, seat walls can accommodate several guests at your outdoor event. For comfort, plan on a width of about 2 feet for each person you plan on seating. Height should be around 20 inches, but you might want to plan on some lower seat walls if children are included in your entertainment plans.

When planning your design, remember that the placement of your seat walls is going to affect the flow of traffic in your outdoor living space – you want to keep things moving smoothly. Also, don’t forget that you’re going to be looking at your seat wall arrangement from inside your house – you’ll want to be sure that the view is pleasing. Keep these ideas in mind:

  • Raised patios with seat walls create the effect of an outdoor room
  • Low retaining walls will add depth to your yard
  • Seat walls alongside your entry steps create a dramatic effect
  • Seat walls can be used to create a planter for flowers surrounding a tree
  • You can add a backrest to your concrete seat wall
  • Seat cushions can also provide additional comfort
  • Concrete seat walls are a superb addition to an outdoor kitchen

Make sure when you’re having your seat walls installed that your contractor waterproofs any walls that are being used as planter surrounds. This reduces the possibility of mineral buildup caused by moisture coming through from the area inside the wall that holds the planting medium. The buildup can be very unsightly, so you want to avoid having it occur.

What Are Some Other Advantages of Concrete Seat Walls?

We can’t overstate the benefits of concrete seat walls. They’re beautiful and yet very functional, and can be installed very economically. They can be curved or straight, and can stand alone or be part of a retaining wall. They can be very decorative, even equipped with lighting. You might consider having a concrete seat wall form part of a fire pit, or integrate them into seating for an outdoor fireplace – just make sure that you keep them far enough back that your guests don’t become overly warm.

If your back yard terminates in a ravine, seat walls constructed along the edge can even serve as a safety feature.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you know all the benefits and advantages that concrete seat walls have to offer your home, get in touch with a concrete contractor like McHugh’s Decorative Concrete. After all, weren’t you meant to be the envy of the neighborhood?