Staining Your Neenah Dealership Showroom to Make It Exciting Yet Comfortable

Staining Your Neenah Dealership Showroom to Make It Exciting Yet Comfortable

While you might not notice, when potential buyers enter your Neenah dealership showroom, they pay attention to everything. The way your showroom looks, smells, and feels will determine what action they take. If prospects walk into a clean and beautifully designed space, they will immediately feel confident that you have a successful business. In their minds, that means that customers trust you and that you can help them find the right vehicle at a competitive price.

Because most people are visual, they make quick assumptions from what they see. Your goal is to make visitors excited to be at your dealership yet comfortable at the same time. An excellent way to accomplish this is with staining. Whether you choose a water-based or acid-based stained floor, the results will astound you.

It is a proven fact that staining floors can change the direction of your business. Even with success, you will notice an increase in both visitors and sales. To get the most return on your investment, it is imperative that you choose the right color, texture, and pattern. For help with that, a licensed contractor who specializes in staining floors or an expert installer can assist.

For instance, if you sell high-end sports and exotic cars at your Neenah dealership, then your staining should look sophisticated and luxurious. An excellent solution is with an acid-based stain. Because this kind of stain penetrates the surface and then reacts to minerals and salts in the concrete, the outcome is a gorgeous marbled effect. That combined with an elegant color tone and the vehicles on display in your showroom will look even more enticing to potential buyers.

If your Neenah dealership sells more family-style vehicles, you want your showroom to reflect that as well. You could go with water-based staining, which produces a translucent surface and incredible shine. Instead of penetrating the concrete, this type of stain fills the pores, giving the floor a beautiful uniform appearance. Also, staining with a water-based product gives you a much broader selection of colors and more vibrancy.