How Is Stenciled Concrete Created?

How Is Stenciled Concrete Created?

Stenciled concrete creates a detailed pattern to a newly poured concrete floor or enhances an existing surface. Used indoors and outdoors, not only does stenciling produce a beautiful design but it also helps hide minor surface imperfections. Based on the type of stencil, the application process, and the design effect, professional installers use different methods for stenciled concrete on an existing floor.

For a project in your Greenville home, the installer more than likely will use one of the techniques listed below.

  • Etch the preferred design into the concrete using gelled acid or light sandblasting.
  • Use water- or solvent-based dyes or chemical stains to apply color before or after removing the stencil.
  • Spray on a thin concrete overlay or trowel to create an embossed pattern.

Regardless of the technique, the installer will use an adhesive-backed stencil to prevent it from sliding around.

Overlay Spray-Down

For intricate borders, logos, and custom designs, spray-down overlays using plastic or paper stencils work incredibly well.

  • The installer applies the stencil to a base layer of the chosen overlay material.
  • A texture coat gets applied using a contrasting color.
  • The expert sprays straight down to ensure the stencil stays in place but also to prevent the pattern from blurring or bleed-through beneath the stencil.

Microtopping Troweling

Because microtoppings are incredibly thin, stenciled concrete using the troweling method is perfect for designs and borders.

  • The floor’s surface in your Greenville home gets prepared.
  • The installer trowels on a base coat, but only to the width of the stencil.
  • With the base coat tacky, the stencil gets set in place, which continues until the installer lays out all
  • To roughly 1/8 inch, a thin topcoat gets troweled on.
  • For border designs, most installers use a small paint roller to ensure the stencil remains in place and the entire design gets covered.

Because stenciled concrete is a fast process, you will have the floors in your Greenville transformed and ready to enjoy in no time.