Transform Your Menasha Hotel Lobby with Acid-Stained Concrete

Transform Your Menasha Hotel Lobby with Acid-Stained Concrete

As the owner or operator of a hotel in Menasha, it is essential that you make a good first impression. From the minute that guests walk into the lobby, they should feel confident that they made the right decision. Regardless if your hotel is a nationwide franchise or a small boutique-style establishment, you need to make every guest feel welcomed.


An acid-stained concrete floor is an excellent way to make a lasting impression. For both returning and first-time guests, you have the assurance that they will notice the transformation. After all, the lobby floor at your Menasha hotel serves as the foundation for all other design elements. Therefore, it has to have the right look and feel.


With stained concrete, you can choose from a broad range of colors. Because of that, you have the opportunity to create a theme or follow a particular color scheme.


The great thing about stained floors is that no two are alike. While a water-based floor is an excellent option, it only colors the surface, creating a more opaque appearance. What makes an acid-stained concrete floor unique is that the stain penetrates and then reacts to chemicals in the concrete. As a result, the floor has a beautiful transparent and variegated effect.


That means that even if other hotels in Menasha chose the same product and color, they would all have different outcomes due to the chemical reaction. Therefore, your hotel lobby will have unique personality and character that helps it stand out from the competition. Not only will guests enjoy the inviting and homey atmosphere, they will feel more inclined to tell others about your hotel.


Although your initial goal was to update the lobby, considering all of the benefits of this flooring system, you might think about having other areas enhanced, as well.