Turn Your Hotel Courtyard into a Tropical Oasis with Colored Epoxy

Colored Epoxy Chart

Colored Epoxy Chart

As the owner of a hotel, you need to think outside of the box when it comes to creative indoor and outdoor designs. Considering how fierce the hospitality industry is, it is essential that you give your guests a unique experience.

In addition to fabulous room accommodations, a varied menu at the on-site restaurant, and superior service from all the hotel staff, you want to pay attention to outdoor spaces where people can gather and relax.

Often, the pool is the only outdoor space that receives any attention. However, if your hotel has a courtyard, take advantage of colored epoxy. With this solution, you can turn an ordinary space into a tropical oasis. Having a hotel with such a lavish area is an excellent way to pull people away from your competitors. Whether drinking a cup of coffee in the morning or sipping on a cocktail in the evening, you have unlimited possibilities using this coating.

To transform your hotel courtyard into a tropical paradise, start by selecting the right epoxy color. Something like an ocean blue, turquoise, or moss green would work perfectly as the base color. From there, either come up with a design or work with your contractor or installer to create something unique using additional colored epoxy. For instance, you could add a second color that makes the floors look like soft waves or rippling water.

You can take the design a step further by having a winding pathway created that your guests can follow from one area of the courtyard to another. For this, consider having aggregates added to the colored epoxy. You could even have a border around the main floor created using the same aggregate effect.

In addition to the floors, you can transform other things in the courtyard, including the walls, water features, and fire pits. Once you add a koi pond, tropical trees and flowers, and beautifully colored furniture, guests will love spending time in your private oasis.