Concrete Repair Sydney

Decorative Concreting WI specializes in diagnosing and repairing concrete cracks, cancer, and chipping. We offer professional concrete repair services for commercial, strata, and residential properties in Sydney.

When doing concrete repairs, it’s important to know the main cause of concrete problems. Our experts will assess the warning signs that show something is wrong with a specific concrete structure and determine the main issue affecting your concrete floor, driveway, balcony, slab or any other concrete structure. We lead in concrete façade/heritage construction, refurbishment, and remedial.

While concrete floors boast of being strong and long-lasting, they’re prone to damage. However, cracks may start appearing on concrete over time.

Divots and cracks are the biggest problems affecting concrete structures. They mainly result from chipping.

concrete contractor repairing a cracked driveway

Decorative Concreting WI specializes in concrete repair solutions around Sydney. Our team of concreting experts has all the necessary knowledge in handling concrete jobs such as:

  • Concrete restoration
  • Wall repair
  • Floor repair
  • Surface repair
  • Crack repair
  • Slab repair
  • Driveway repair

What Causes Concrete Cracks?

Most property owners call us for crack repair services. Others are DIY enthusiasts who call us to find effective solutions related to a multitude of concrete problems affecting their homes.

One of the main causes of cracks on concrete surfaces is poor slab placement, especially where slabs lack enough space for expansion and inappropriate blending of concrete.

Cracks appearing on concrete surfaces should never be ignored. You should fix them soonest possible, else they’ll continue expanding and cause further damage to the structure. You can prevent cracks from expanding by inserting control joints in each crack.

You should note that cracks are a serious problem regardless of where they emerge, be it a patio surface, concrete wall, or driveway. Whether the cracks are appearing in retaining walls, office floor or parking area, they can expend when not attended to and cause further problems.

In most cases, moisture may penetrate the crack and increase the chances of bacteria growth in the space, thereby causing diseases. It’s obvious that diseases are the last thing you would want in your office or home.

What Should I Do When I Notice a Crack in a Concrete Wall?

You should be concerned whenever you notice a crack in your wall or floor. A crack is something you should take seriously. Besides looking ugly, cracks can also expand and form a hole. The crack can eventually spread and destroy the lower floor or even the foundation.

If that’s the case, call a professional concreting company for immediate assistance. The concreting company will visit the site and find the best solution to prevent further cracking and structural damages.

Observing Cleanliness During Concrete Crack Repairs

Before repairing a concrete crack, items in the affected space should be removed. Working with concrete can cause a lot of dust and dirt. Concrete chips should be removed carefully from the cracks or voids during repair.

Contaminants within the void may have to be removed with highly pressurized water. Thus, you wouldn’t want your valuables to be stained with cement and dirt. Besides, you should allow the crack to dry after cleaning it with highly pressurized water.

Types of Concreting Repair Services

Serious cracks and concrete cancer are often costly to repair for most commercial, strata, and commercial property owners. Failure to know what’s causing the problem can lead to unending and costly repairs.

Our concrete repair personnel will use several approaches and solutions including:

  • Shortcrete repairs: Involves projecting concrete or mortar pneumatically over a surface
  • Polymer repair mortars: We can apply polymers directly over concrete to enhance strength
  • Epoxy mortar repairs: Involves applying troweled and graded sand to form a strong coating
  • Removing and repairing magnesite: We remove magensite to check for chloride contamination in cement and do the necessary repairs
  • Corrosion inhibitors: They assist in reducing the rate of concrete corrosion.

How is Concrete Repair Done?

Latex is one of the basic products used in concrete repair. It comes in the form of a liquid and is used for thinning cracks, especially when repairing cracks that don’t exceed an inch in width.

The bottle containing latex comes with an application that assists in inserting the compound into the crack until it’s filled up. However, if the crack is quite long but one inch wide, then you’d rather buy the powder form of latex in larger quantities.

You should mix the powder with water according to the provided instructions and apply the mixture into the crack.

Concrete cracks wider than an inch are categorized as holes and require more robust repair solutions. Generally, cement is one of the best solutions for filling large concrete cracks and holes. However, cement doesn’t last long on a vinyl surface.

You should rather use vinyl products when filling larger and deeper concrete cracks on a vinyl surface. Also, cement shouldn’t be mistaken as an alternative to concrete since it might not work for larger and deeper holes.

Larger and deeper concrete cracks and holes should be repaired carefully and appropriately. If not, cracks may reappear sooner on the newly fixed surface. Also, ensure the cracks or holes are clean before sealing them for lasting results.

What’s the Best Solution for Repairing Concrete Cracks?

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you might want to buy a DIY kit to fix cracks. Also, most DIY concrete repair kits come with an instructional manual.

However, most products that come with DIY repair kits are relatively weak and may cause the problem to recur, especially if not used appropriately.

Thus, the best solution for repairing cracks is hiring a qualified concreting expert. You can save time and effort by hiring a concrete repair expert.

How Long Will It Take to Fix the Problem?

The time it’ll take to fix a concrete problem will depend on the kind and extent of the issue, including the length and depth of the crack or hole. Thus, before fixing concrete, remember it might take you 48 hours before walking on the fixed concrete surface.

The duration may be at least 6 days when it comes to fixing a concrete parking space. Thus, it’s important to know the estimated time it’ll take to have the concrete surface ready before fixing it yourself or hiring a professional.

Also, if the area to be repaired is a driveway or parking space, ensure you get an alternative parking area before initiating the repair.

If you’re located in Sydney, you can rely on Decorative Concreting WI for all your concrete problems. Our contractors will take care of any concrete problem and offer lasting solutions. Besides, we’ll issue you with a free quote before signing a contract.