If your concrete walkway or driveway is looking dull and grey, you can turn it into a decorative exterior element that can impress your neighbors and guests.

We work hard to offer lasting paving and concrete resurfacing solutions for commercial and residential properties across Sydney.

concrete resurfacing of driveway

Resurfacing Concrete Driveway or Patio

Concrete resurfacing in Sydney is beneficial in many ways. For instance, it’s an affordable solution for fixing worn-out concrete surfaces for your driveway, patio or pool area. It’s cheaper than taking out the existing concrete for replacement with fresh concrete.

There are several efficient and affordable concrete resurfacing methods available today. For instance, you can transform the look of most worn-out concrete surfaces, such as walkways and driveways by spray paving and stenciling.

Stenciling involves applying stencil patterns on a concrete driveway or walkway with stencilcrete. Resurfacing concrete involves spraying a layer of concrete on an existing concrete surface for a new look.

We offer a wide selection of stencilcrete styles and designs that can improve the look of your driveway.

Concrete Resurfacing Services in Sydney

Our many years of experience, combined with unmatched skills in concrete resurfacing, affordability, reliability, and aesthetics makes DCWI your ultimate concreting service provider.

Besides, we only work with top-quality products. We take quality of work seriously for long-lasting results. Thus, expect a stress-free experience when hiring our service.

Also, preparation is extremely important in concrete projects. If a concrete project is done without preparation and proper planning, you might end up wasting a lot of time and money.

Thus, it’s very important to have a good plan and follow it to make sure that the resurfacing material bonds and adheres to the existing surface.

This is especially important when working on your driveway as it is meant to support the weight of your car.

stamped concrete resurfacing ideas

Quality construction. Honest service. Great value.

You can choose from several stencil patterns and colors when resurfacing your driveway or walkway. We can also customize designs that suit your personal preferences.

Moreover, we take care of the surrounding space to make sure we leave it tidy and clean after resurfacing.

You should note that your driveway creates the first impression to your visitors. Thus, resurfacing a worn-out driveway will increase the overall value and look of your home. Besides, it can be done in a way that will complement the outdoor surroundings.

Decorative Concreting WI leads in both stenciling and resurfacing services in Sydney. We specialize in the beautification and repair of concrete surfaces. Call us today for a free estimate.



The Process of Concrete Resurfacing

  1. Measuring the concrete surface to be resurfaced and quoting

It’s important to start with estimating the overall cost of the process. The cost of resurfacing is determined by several factors. The size (in square meters) of the area to be resurfaced is one of the biggest determinants of the cost of resurfacing.

Although it may a contractor the same time to resurface an area of 20 square meters and that of 40 square meters, a larger area will require more labor to resurface within the same time as the smaller one. Thus, labor charges may be higher for larger jobs.

Another crucial determinant is accessibility. For instance, working in different areas of a property can be time-consuming. Thus, the price may increase where accessibility is challenging. Also, the price may vary depending on aspects like substrate condition and preparation. This is because some tasks require the use of extra products for enhanced leveling.


  1. Creating a plan and design for concrete resurfacing

You need to choose the pattern that will be applied when resurfacing. Most patterns are applied using a tape. The tape is used after applying a basecoat. You can choose the tile size, grout line thickness, or a custom pattern.

In case you prefer a stone-like pattern, you can use special features such as borders and pre-cut stencilcrete. Upon sticking the tape in place, the topcoat color is applied over the basecoat. In this case, you’ll need to select your preferred fleck color.

You can consider a color that will look naturally authentic. Also, you can choose a color that will blend or contrast with the topcoat color.


  1. Cleaning and preparing for resurfacing

Preparation is key to successful concrete resurfacing. In most cases, the area requiring resurfacing is first pressure washed to remove unwanted contaminants.


  1. Applying the resurfacing system

Here’s the process of applying the resurfacing system:

    • Concrete Priming The existing concrete surface is primed to make it ready for the application of a basecoat.
    • Basecoat: A basecoat is applied in this step. The basecoat will allow the topcoat to last long.
    • Pattern Application: Patterns or borders are applied using pre-cut concrete stencils or fiber-reinforced tapes.
    • Applying the Decorative Coating: Next, a decorative coating is applied over the whole surface.
    • Cleaning and Sealing: all stencils or tapes are removed. Next, the concrete surface is swept. After that, the area will be sealed with a sealant for further protection.

We serve the entire Sydney area. Call us any time for more information regarding Sydney concrete resurfacing using stencilcrete methods. We will be more than glad to assist you.