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One of the most widely used building materials in the construction of commercial and residential buildings is concrete. DecorativeConcretingWI specializes in all concrete related projects throughout Sydney NSW.

Thus, all business owners and homeowners in Sydney can rely on our experience in concreting services, including new concrete constructions and repairing existing concrete installations.

Why Choose Our Concrete Company

DecorativeConcretingWI is an established construction company with over three decades of experience in offering concreting services throughout Sydney for homes and industrial properties. Our clients working and living in Sydney can vouch for the services of our concreters in Sydney.

Our professional team of construction workers is certified and well-trained in handling all kinds of concrete projects. We have gone through thorough training in construction and are experts in working with both liquid and precast concrete.

Our unmatched craftsmanship guarantees you remarkable results. Besides, we’re fully-insured such that any accidental injuries that they may experience while working on your project will be taken care of by the insurer and not you.

Another reason why you should contact us is that we only use top-quality materials and supplies for all projects including constructing driveways, side walkways, garages, retaining walls and garden paths.

concreting a driveway in Sydney
concrete contractors working on a slab in Sydney

Our professionals use house slabs made of the highest quality concrete outdoor landscaping and constructing indoor floors to give you that stylish finish. Besides, you’ll find that we use thick concrete rafts and a concrete slab formwork when constructing patios and paving concrete driveways.

Our contractors adhere to all safety measures and codes of construction when working on your concrete driveway project. Thus, there are minimal chances of accidents occurring in your property.

We help dealing with all kinds of concrete resurfacing works at an affordable rate. Our competitive rates are ideal for every property owner in Sydney, including those working based on a tight budget.

Thus, most property owners in Sydney prefer working with DecorativeConcretingWI for all their concrete driveway projects, including constructing new concrete slabs and structures and doing concrete resurfacing and renovations. We specialise in both residential as well as commercial industrial projects.

Our reliable contractor will complete all home concrete driveway projects within the agreed time. We ensure not to cause you any inconvenience no matter what.

Our quality workmanship in what we do has made us earn a good reputation from our happy clients. Our clients are always fully satisfied with our concrete services and value for money received. Thus, all that needs to be done is to call us or contact us today via email and request for a free quote to hire our services for your next project.

Our experience of more than two decades in concreting works guarantees you of quality work services that will exceed your expectations. Our construction workers carry out each task with precision.

Apart from providing quality concrete services, we also transform a dull space into a breathtaking and functional concrete space using our slabs.

From modern concrete designs to plain concrete, we offer a wide range of concrete works, designs and styles that can give your property the kind of look you want.

There’s a multitude of coloured concrete options, textures, decorative patterns, and aggregate stones to choose from. You can always get a design for your project that will suit your property’s foundation design.

cast in situ concrete

With customers throughout Sydney, there are concrete driveways or pathways near your property that we’ve completed.

You can gladly inspect it to realize what your property is missing. Thus, take time to learn why other property owners prefer our concreting service.

Our Concreting Sydney Services

  • Concrete Finishes

  • Concrete Staining

  • Concrete Blocks

  • Concrete Patio

  • Concrete Resurfacing

  • Concrete Driveways & Pathways

  • Concrete Floors

  • Stamped Concrete

  • Retaining Walls

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